Southwestern Management And Realty Team

Tenant Newsletter – April 2019

Lease Renewals are constantly being sent out when leases are due. When you receive the package, please take a moment, fill out and return to us as soon as possible. Yearly inspections have started. KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENTS! Packages are only sent 1 time!

As you know, Goin’ Postal is charging anyone who brings in rent a $2.00 service fee. This is their deal, not SMART, please don’t be upset with us. If you are in the area and would like to drop your rent, please do so.

Watering Restrictions: For March and April you can water 3 days a week.

Group  A: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Group B: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Group C: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Group D: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Group E: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Group F: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Remember: work Requests MUST be in writing.

Rent Checks: Please make sure that your rent checks are made payable to SMART or Southwestern Management And Realty Team. The 5th is the deadline with no late charges. After that–late fees will be added. You can also pay on the website!

Main Number: 702.750.9725

Fax Number: 702.974.0191


Since January 1, 2019–SMART has exploded and we are now at 400 properties and still growing. We would like to WELCOME all the new Tenants to the SMART family and we look forward to a long business relationship. If you’ve received a letter stating a new lease needs to be signed, please get in touch with the office immediately.


Please get in touch with Sophia, Mark Hall’s assistant. We have Owners who are selling and maybe you can be the lucky one to purchase the American Dream! SMART has agents who can assist you in this process! Contact Sophia: (702) 750-9725 x230; [email protected]

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