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Maintenance Request

Maintenance Request Form


We are receiving an overwhelming amount of requests about clogged toilets, drains and dryer problems.

This is the responsibility of the tenant.

Look at your lease please, last page that states: additional terms and conditions. You have a copy of the lease and you need to read your lease. SMART will not be sending vendors to repair these issues unless it is something major.

You the tenant need to resolve the issue.

Clogged Drains/Toilets

If these items become backed up for whatever reason — Tenants, you need to contact a plumber that is licensed, bonded and insured and this is a cost to you — not SMART or the Owner.

If it is determined that it is more serious — we will be notified and proceed accordingly. Make sure you have a plunger near by! This also includes drains, sinks, showers and tubs—if it’s slow draining, then you might have a “hair” issue.

Tenant’s you are responsible for this as well.


Every dryer, electric or gas has a lint trap/vent that needs to be cleaned out every time you use it. This lint does not magically disappear.

If you don’t clean this out and the dryer stops functioning or you see smoke — you could be held responsible for a new appliance.


For Emergencies only, after hours
call: (702) 743-8544