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Property Management in Las Vegas

The Importance of Property Management in Las Vegas

Property management is a key component of the real estate industry; and, a property management Las Vegas firm is essential to the attraction of new tenants. As well is the importance of the maintenance of a person’s property, and its market value. Whether you are an investor who owns several properties, a landlord, or a prospective tenant, the Southwestern Management and Realty Team, or SMART, is here to assist you. This is especially true if you live in another city and need to enlist our services to maintain your property. You may own buildings or homes, or have commercial property maintenance requirements that are still unfulfilled. This is where we would like to step in with assistance.

Hiring our Las Vegas property management company can save you a great deal of money in the long run when it comes to repairing damages before they are out of control, and taking care of other important issues. As your property management partner, we can easily handle the maintenance and operation of your leases and rentals, so that you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your properties are being well cared for. Most importantly, hiring the right property management partner ensures your property’s maximum market value.

What We Do

As an industry leading property management Las Vegas, NV, company, we strive to inspire confidence and trust in owners and tenants alike. Our priority is to provide peace of mind and comfort with our business ethics. As your property management partner, we will be responsible for managing the following:

  • Advertising and marketing promotions – We can help you find quality tenants by advertising your property over the internet, through local newspapers, and other viable media. Our cost-effective promotional activities not only ensure that you will rent to suitable tenants, but that you will maximize the return on your property investments.
  • Finances – By staying within their budgets, investors can realize a good return on their property investments. As your property management team, our proven bookkeeping and money management skills will help you budget for those expenses associated with advertising and marketing. This applies to other expenses including all maintenance, repairs, and taxes.
  • Legal issues and taxes – Where property management, in Las Vegas is concerned, we have the expertise required to handle all building upkeep, compliance with federal and state regulations, and your lease and rental agreements. We will also handle the payment of monthly expenses and taxes, as well as taking appropriate legal action whenever required.
  • Maintenance – As your partner, SMART will maintain your properties and keep them in tip-top condition on a year-round basis, so that they conform to all local health regulations and safety guidelines. Whenever needed, we will deal with any and all emergencies cost-effectively and efficiently, and respond to all tenant requests in a timely fashion.
  • Reports – Property management in Las Vegas, NV, involves numerous responsibilities to the property owner and their tenants, such as the preparation of important reports that enable you to compile information regarding future projections of your profits and losses. With our financial tracking system, your reports can be generated annually or monthly.
  • Tenants – From finding the best tenants to verifying their backgrounds to collecting monthly rents and resolving all tenant issues, the Southwestern Management And Realty Team will ensure consistent, fair reinforcement of all regulations and rules. We know that building long-term relationships with tenants is important. But if there are unresolvable issues and eviction becomes necessary, we will be firm about it so there are no legal worries.

Having the Southwestern Management And Realty Team on your side ensures that your investing is profitable, yet simple and stress-free. We bring in quality rentals and provide hassle-free maintenance; while at the same time maintaining your cash flow, and optimizing the return of your investment, in the process.


The Southwestern Management And Realty Team are highly knowledgeable of the real estate industry, especially where operating a wide range of properties is concerned, and we’ve owned different businesses since 1998. Our team of professionals is comprised of experienced accountants, leasing agents, maintenance specialists, and property managers who are highly skilled in their individual professions. As your Las Vegas property management partner, we will strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

Whether you need a skilled team of professionals for all of your property management needs, or just a portion of them, you can rely on us to do the job cost-effectively and efficiently. No matter what your specific business needs might be we can easily customize a plan tailored to meeting your goals and objectives. We have dedicated our property management Las Vegas business to assisting property owners with a stress-free system that will save both time and money; providing you with a higher quality, reliable standard of professional service.

Since opening our doors in 2008, we have consistently provided property owners and tenants with a superior level of customer service in order to be proactively attentive throughout the entire rental process. That is why we always say that the Southwestern Management And Realty Team is the SMART choice for managing rentals in the greater Las Vegas area. Call us today and let us help you get started on professionally maintained properties. One of our representatives will be glad to assist you with the require information and answer your queries.

SMART Rental Qualifications

The following are Southwestern Management And Realty Team’s (SMART) guidelines for renting a property through SMART. Each and every application will be reviewed by a member of SMART and could be adjusted depending on credit/income and the application itself. Please be truthful!

Rental Qualifications

  • Applicant MUST be 18 years or older and application fee is $65.00 per person and is non-refundable.


  • Minimum score of 650
  • No EVICTIONS in the past 5 years
  • No utility collections (gas, power, water)

Income Verification

  • Income MUST be 3 times the monthly rent for good credit 650+ and 4 times if applicant has poor credit but good income.
  • MUST be verifiable
  • MUST be with current employer for at least 6 months.
    **If self-employed—CPA financial statements and/or tax returns are acceptable.

Employment History

(you could be required to show proof if requested, paycheck stubs, etc.)

  • Verifiable employment history for the past 3 years
    **If self-employed/retired/not employed—can verify income with signed tax returns and/or bank statements.

Rental History Verification

  • Verify for the past 3 years
  • Must provide: Landlord Names, and phone number, email (if available) on the online application.

Criminal Background Check

SMART does check—Criminal, Sex Offender and Terrorist database

  • NO sex offenders
  • NO crimes—violent crimes, prostitution, domestic violence, possession of weapons or illegal drugs


MUST be 30 pounds & under & absolutely no violent breeds—ask SMART for the Pet Policy

  • 2 pets max
  • NO ferrets or snakes
  • NO Dangerous, poisonous or illegal pets
  • NO aquariums larger than 10 gallons

Emotional Support pets are NOT considered a Service Animal and not under ADA laws.