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Tenant Newsletter – January 2019

New Policies 

Begin January 1, 2019

We’re starting a new year and SMART will have some new policies. Please read thru this, keep it for future reference and by sending this via email–we will consider all Tenants have been notified.

Effective January 1, 2019: SMART will no longer be issuing handwritten receipts. Your canceled check, money order receipt or cashier’s check receipt will be your receipt. If you insist on a handwritten receipt the cost will be $5.00. SMART is trying to keep costs down in 2018 and we have to make some changes.

TENANTS: If you must bring rent to the office, please use the new dropbox located just to the right of the front door of the office. Again, receipts will NOT be issued. If you need labels, let Cindi ([email protected]) know and you can get some. Make sure your property address is on the check!

PAY YOUR RENT ONLINE AND YOU WILL NEVER BE LATE! Remember your payments get recorded with the credit bureaus and this can improve your credit score as well as long as you pay on time. SMART encourages you to pay online. If you need to get set up, look in your orange folder or contact Breanna, at 702.750.9725×225 or [email protected]

MAINTENANCE WORK REQUESTS: SMART will no longer take any verbal non-emergency requests. Remember it must be in writing. Go to the website:, email, fax or send a letter. The ONLY time a verbal request will be handled as if it’s a true emergency. Emergency #:702.743.8544.

OFFICE APPOINTMENTS NOW REQUIRED: If you need to visit with your Property Manager, Shannon Gardner or need to see me, Cindi–appointments will now be required. We are both in and out of the office quite a bit and “just dropping in” is not a good idea. Please call or email us if you need to meet with us at the office. Please refer to your orange folder for emails or call 702.750.9725×226 for Shannon or  x224 for Cindi Hall.

Finally, Lease Renewals and Annual Inspections: SMART will only send out a lease renewal package once! It is your responsibility to complete and return to SMART in a timely fashion. We MUST have the original lease back for the file and once signed by the Broker, you will receive an email copy of the completed lease. If it is NOT returned, your rent will automatically increase by 5% of your rent amount until the lease is received. In addition, keep your scheduled appointments for the annual inspections. It only takes about 10-15 minutes but it is a requirement for your lease. Please be considerate and be at the property for your scheduled time. If not, we can use our emergency key to enter the property if you are not there. We would prefer for you to be there.

Download PDF version of newsletter HERE

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