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Tenant Newsletter – Hot Off The Press


SMART Tenants–there are a few items that we need to remind you of:

RENT: Please remember rent is due on the 1st of each month and you have until the 5th with NO LATE FEES. As explained during your lease signing–if an emergency comes up and you KNOW that you are going to be late–contact the office immediately, speak with Cindi or Shannon, your Property Manager–NOT AFTER RENTS ARE DUE ON THE 5TH. Any late charges will stand.

You can pay rent online starting the 20th of each month and shuts down on the 5th at 2 pm, set up bank drafts, write a personal check, money or cashier’s check. NO CASH will be accepted and NO IOU’s!

HOA VIOLATIONS: The HOA’s are at it again about trash cans and weeds. PLEASE if you see weeds take of them and put the trash cans in the garage/out of sight. REMEMBER if there are any fines for any reason, you the Tenant will be responsible for those fines. NO EXCEPTIONS!

LEASE RENEWALS: Once you receive your lease renewal, this is the time to decide, stay or go? If you are staying–FABULOUS but please remember to send the original back to SMART in the envelope provided in the package, signed and initialed. No lease return will result in your rent automatically increasing by 5%.

MAINTENANCE REQUESTS: ALL REQUESTS MUST BE IN WRITING. NO VERBAL REQUESTS WILL BE HONORED!!!!! You can send a request thru, send an email, fax it in or send a letter. Be specific as to the request. If you have a TRUE emergency, then call the emergency number 702.743.8544. Send to Jeff at

YOUR PROPERTY MANAGER: please REMEMBER, Shannon Gardner is your main point of contact and your Property Manager. NOT Cindi Hall! I’m here and I can back up Shannon but you MUST contact her first, you can email: or

Cindi Hall

Intake Specialist/Co-Owner


Direct Line: 702.750.9725×224


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