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Tenant Maintenance Responsibility Checklist

As a tenant with SMART, it is your responsibility to maintain and report anything that is amiss at the property. 

We are not responsible for making any repairs caused by a tenant’s own carelessness. However, if a tenant notices an issue and fails to report it to us, the tenant may be held liable for additional damage.

The following is maintenance responsibility checklist for SMART tenants:


  • Where indicated on your lease – tenant is responsible for maintaining the exterior landscape, mowing, trimming, weeding, fertilizing and watering.
  • If there are sprinklers, monitor the level of water needed and if necessary, contact SMART for additional assistance.
  • If there are sprinklers/irrigation systems that are not functioning properly, contact SMART.
  • Pick up after your pets, even if you don’t have pets.
  • If your property has a pool: it is necessary to maintain the water level and report if there is any problem with the water level – this could indicate a leak in the pool plumbing.

Tenants are also responsible for fixing minor problems. Here is a checklist of issues and replacements tenants are responsible for in a timely manner:

  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Replace air conditioning air filters on a monthly basis – change when you pay rent.
  • Replace smoke alarm batteries and batteries for remote devices, garage door & gate
  • Remove toxic waste such as oil, antifreeze, batteries and any solvents
  • If oil has stained the driveway – it must be removed at Tenant expense
  • Holiday decorations; hang carefully and properly, check for loose wires and remove them immediately when the holiday ends.

It’s also the tenant’s responsibility to report maintenance issues/problems that can’t fix themselves. Issues that should be reported immediately are:

  • Any sign of mold
  • Electrical problems – contact SMART if you have tried to resolve the issue on your own
  • Heating/AC issues
  • Inoperative smoke detectors
  • Roof leaks
  • Broken windows and doors
  • Fence/block wall repair
  • Malfunctioning sprinklers/irrigation
  • Any other necessary repairs or unsafe conditions
  • Major pest control items; bees, roaches, rats, bedbugs and other major infestations.

There are instances when tenants will be held responsible for the maintenance charges. These cases include:

  • All clogged drains caused by the tenant(s) or any member of the household including toilets and leaking faucets, sewer stoppages & blockages
  • If Tenant FAILS to report necessary repairs
  • If there is a service call and breaker is tripped
  • Tenants MUST pay for the Co-Pay if there is a Home Warranty in place
  • Tenant fails to meet a vendor at an assigned appointment and there is a vendor charge
  • Tenant or Tenant’s Guests or Invitees cause damage to the property
  • Tenants pets cause damage to the property
  • Tenant reports a repair which does not require service
  • Tenant fails to replace the battery for smoke detectors, battery for remote door openers and causes a service call for ONLY battery replacement
  • Broken windows (whether the tenant is at fault or not) unless a police report is provided to SMART – this also includes doors and door jams.
  • Damage to walls, carpets, floors, etc., because the Tenant left the windows or doors open during rain and wind.
  • Unnecessary painting is required due to tenant painting. (Charges for painting depend on whether it exceeds normal wear and tear, and the length of time in the property).

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