Southwestern Management And Realty Team

SMART NEWS Survey Says?

You may remain anonymous: PLEASE FAX TO 702.974.0191 OR SCAN AND EMAIL TO: [email protected]

We are doing this so that we may improve on any areas that are frustrating to you. We value your opinion and will look at each issue.

  1. Do you feel that you are receiving the attention that you deserve? YES NO SOMETIMES
  2. Do you feel that the phones are being answered in a professional manner? YES NO SOMETIMES
  3. When you call with a question, are your needs being met? YES NO SOMETIMES
  4. Is SMART being responsive to your messages and returning calls? YES NO SOMETIMES NEVER __________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. When you receive your monthly statements are they easy to read? YES NO SOMETIMES
  6. Are accounting questions being answered and explained in a timely manner? YES NO SOMETIMES
  7. When a property becomes vacant, are the turn-arounds being handled in a timely manner? YES NO SOMETIMES
  8. Do you feel that your property when on the market is getting enough exposure? YES NO SOMETIMES
  9. Do you have the trust and confidence in SMART as your property Management company? YES NO SOMETIMES
  10. Would you recommend SMART to friends and family to manager properties? YES NO SOMETIMES
  11. Do you feel that your Property Manager is doing a good job? YES NO SOMETIMES NEVER                                                                                              If not, why?__________________________________________________________________________________________________
  12. Do you feel that the officer manager is doing a good job? YES NO SOMETIMES NEVER                                                                                          If not,why?__________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for your time and honesty on this survey. We will review all surveys and see where smart can improve. Again, we thank you for your trust and confidence.