Southwestern Management And Realty Team

Owner Newsletter- October 2018


Trick or Treat!

Property Manager: Please remember if you need to speak with Shannon–your Property Manager here is her information.

Shannon Gardner

[email protected]


Online Rent Payments: We have noticed a much higher payment record over the last year since the Tenants can now pay online thru our ManageVegas website. We still have a few of the habitual late payers but a drastic improvement. Owner Distributions will continue to go out on the normal days and for the new Owners, the ACH direct deposits can take 24-48 hours before hitting your account. This is NOT an instantaneous process. Distribution day on the 10th! Our offices will be closed, Friday, October 26th for the state holiday of Nevada Day!

THINKING ABOUT SELLING: Remember to talk with us first–For additional information regarding this, please view our website; or speak with Mark Hall, Broker for further details.

Property Turnovers: Once Cindi receives the 30-Day Notice, she will notify you of the move out date. It is critical that you have at a minimum, the power and water on. We cannot do final inspections without them. If turning them on is a problem, let us know, we can assist with a service charge of $100 per utility for turn on. If additional funds are required to bring your property up to rent ready status, Shanon, your PM or Jeff, Maintenance Coordinator will notify you and SMART will need those funds as soon as possible.

Rents: SMART no longer allows tenants to go on a month-to-month basis. Thirty (30) days prior to the end of the lease or more, comps will be run and a new lease will be prepared for the tenant. They have 2 options, renew the lease for a year or give a 30-Day Notice to move. Annual Inspections are done at this time, with a report to you, photos and a copy of the new lease.

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