Southwestern Management And Realty Team

Owner Newsletter – June 2019

Happy Summer SMART Owners!

Well it’s that time of year again! School is out and family vacations begin!

We have received a number of HOA violations regarding weeds and trash cans. When you get an HOA violation, please direct those immediately to Sydney, [email protected] We are contacting the tenants for resolutions and if a fine is imposed, it will be charged against the tenant. Fines will be posted first, then rent.

Property Turnarounds: We have getting properties turned over in less than  2 weeks. Once a tenant gives a 30-day notice, we have begun advertising and getting properties reserved very quickly. Especially in the spring and summer as families make their school moves. Some with no downtime at all. Should your property manager contact you–PLEASE communicate immediately as funds may be required immediately for any repairs for the completion of the property.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, step-dads, husbands, grandpa’s, soon-to-be-dads, like a father to you, dad’s that have passed–the ones you hold special in your heart. Cindi was daddy’s little girl even into her 50’s. My father was my best friend, my hero, my rock, my everything. I miss him so very much–sometimes I feel like a part of me passed–when he passed. Treasure the moments of family. Life goes by far too quickly.


EMAILS! SMART cannot stress enough the importance of emails. Managing so many properties, it is impossible for us to remember everything. Emails are our main source of communication. The written word is powerful–your words are your words, same as with us. PLEASE use email as often as you can– this is our filing cabinet for your property. Unless it is a TRUE EMERGENCY, please call us. SMART actually response better and faster to emails than phone calls–many times someone could be out of the office and not get the call but emails can go to cell phones.

Click HERE to download a PDF version of the Owner Newsletter – June 2019