Southwestern Management And Realty Team

Owner Newsletter – February 2018

Important items you need to review:

Rents: I know that many of you are concerned that we do not raise the rent. Why is that? Well, about 60% of the lease that we are renewing have increased. When rents are increasing, I am looking at the payment history, the tenant (have we been having issues with the Tenant), and I raise the rent enough so it does not make sense for the tenant to leave. Some have been small increases and others are staying the same. I, Cindi personally check each and every property and run comps each and every month with lease renewals to see if we can raise the rent. Even if rent is increased–the tenants like the service of SMART and want to stay. That speaks volumes–we are doing our job.

Owner Reserve Accounts: We had many of you ask why we don’t call or email you if there is a minor repair issue happening at the property. Please remember, on your Management Agreement, you initialed and agreed if a repair is under $300–we move forward and if the issue is over $300– you will receive a call or email depending on the issue. If we had to call/email every time there is a problem– we would never get anything done. For further clarification–refer to your Agreement “REASONABLE REPAIR/MAINTENANCE”. Remember you can obtain information from your Owner Portal to see what is going on with your property as well. This source may answer questions you might have. If you are NOT set up for online viewing, call the office and the Accounting Manager can walk you thru the steps.

Website: Our new and improved website is currently under construction and when completed, we will have a dynamite website. We are a huge presence on the World Wide Web (WWW.) and we gain a lot of exposure. Once it is completed, I will blast you and we have a great commercial on there as well. More to come on that! Last internet rating: 4.9 stars out of 5. 2017 SMART was awarded Best Property Management and also 5*****Customer Service–we are proud to receive another accolade!

Emails: The staff of SMART can answer an email quicker than we can with phone calls. So if you have a question, comment or concern–please send via email, make sure you include the street name on the email. Plus–this is a great way to document conversations for all parties concerned. The written word is powerful and besides, this is our TO-DO LIST!

As always, we appreciate your trust and support and THANK YOU for allowing SMART to manage your property.

Download PDF version of newsletter HERE

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