Southwestern Management And Realty Team

Owner Newsletter – April 2019

Important Information

Weather is getting very nice here in Las Vegas–what does that mean–more HOA violations. We have been flooded with notices about weeds and plants & the never-ending request about garbage cans. We are following up on all these violations. PLEASE make sure that you email to [email protected] or fax the letters to the office: 702.974.0191 (fax).


HOME INSPECTIONS: When a property manager does an inspection on your property, we will attach a quick list on the condition of the property and a few photos of the home, which will be emailed to you.

PROPERTY TURNOVERS: In addition; we are turning properties as quickly as we can but also making sure the job is done right the first time. Since we are in a very aggressive market in rental condition–we want to make sure that everything is done prior to placing on the market. If you PM contacts you or Jeff, Maintenance Coordinator, regarding needing extra funds, please be responsive, you can use a credit card (3-5% upcharge), wire funds, send a check overnight–bottom line–no money–no work.

Shannon Gardner, 702.750.9725 x226

[email protected] (Property Manager)

Jeff Gardner, 702.750.9725 x2274

[email protected] (Maintenance Coordinator)

Sydney Gardner, 702.750.9725 X222

[email protected]


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