Southwestern Management And Realty Team

How Tenants Benefit From Renting From SMART

It’s easy to assume that property owners are the ones who benefit from using a management company. But did you know, renting through  property management company is preferred among tenants?

That’s right — there are big benefits for them too.

Here are 3 ways in which our tenants benefit by renting from SMART:

  1. Open Lines of Communication – One of our top qualities at SMART is our ability to keep the lines of communication open between the owner and his or her tenants. We have established a website or portals that are accessible to the tenant so they can:
  • Be informed of any pending changes
  • Pay their rent
  • Schedule maintenance and repairs
  • Stay updated on what is happening
  1. Maintenance and Repair Requests are Handled Quickly – One of our responsibilities to owners is to ensure that their rentals are handled properly and smoothly. This means that whenever there are maintenance or repair problems, SMART associates will respond to any requests immediately and ensure that all issues are corrected as quickly as possible. This isn’t always the case when dealing with a private landlord as it could be days or possibly weeks before the problem is dealt with.
  2. Property Management Companies Prevent Problems that Landlords May NotIt is easier to trust the home you rent from SMART than renting from some independent landlords. First of all, tenants are vetted before they can move into a home. Second, when you rent from a private landlord, there are a number of inherent risks that you may be exposed to such as insect infestations, mold, rodents, or termites. We deal with these issues and prevent tenants from being exposed to them.

Lastly, when you rent a home through SMART, it eliminates the risk of having to deal with any unpleasant experiences. Overall, a tenant will have peace of mind and far less stress knowing that SMART is readily available whenever they are needed.

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