Southwestern Management And Realty Team

3 Ways to Make Your Rental Irresistible to Potential Renters

best property management company las vegasThere is nothing worse than a vacant property. Everyday your rental sits empty between occupancies is money out the window.

So, what’s the deal? Why is the property vacant?

The reason could be that potential renters just don’t like the look of the place — and it may be time for a minor residential makeover.

Here are three of the cheapest ways you can spruce up your rental AND attract more quality tenants.

Add Some Curb Appeal

What does your property look like as you drive by? Does it look like a place you’d want to live?

First impressions count. If the exterior of your rental looks rundown, a prospective tenant may not even want to step foot inside. Here are some easy ways to build your property’s curb appeal:

  • Remove weeds, trash, and debris.
  • Make sure the lawn and shrubbery are well-manicured.
  • If you have a porch or outdoor area, add a few flowers and plants to create an inviting, lived-in feeling. Make sure to keep them alive because dead plants are worse than no plants.
  • Remove chipped paint, repair broken banisters, and replace torn window screens.
  • Make sure the mailbox, light fixtures, and house number decals and plaques are in good condition.

Lay On Paint

A can of quality paint only costs about $25 — and it has the ability to revive tired walls, brighten hallways, and freshen bathrooms.

But what type of paint should you choose?

The best option is to go with a satin or semi-gloss paint. With this type of paint, crayon marks, scuff marks, and even grease can easily be wiped off. Always stick to neutral paint colors, such as beige, grey, and cream.

Focus on the Kitchen and Bathrooms

The first order of business in a kitchen or bathroom is to clean. Mop the floors, polish all appliances, and deep clean cabinets (inside and out), bathtubs/showers, toilets, and all hardware; also, make sure the grout gets a good scrubbing. Mirrors and reflective surfaces should be free from film and fingerprints.

Remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling, and grease from fans and light fixtures. Also, be sure the fixtures have working light bulbs. You will want to highlight the amount of light the property receives; leaving light fixtures with partially working light bulbs is a no-no.

Purchasing new knobs and handles for cabinets is also an inexpensive way to makeover your room.


Every property has something unique to offer. It’s up to you to focus on what’s special and desirable, and let the rest of the world know about it! Remember: Sell what your property has. Don’t focus on what it doesn’t have.